H2 Oxi-cat NEO324 10 kW3
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NEO324 10kW

H2 Oxi-cat NEO324 10 kW

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The NEO324 is a "smaller version" of the NEO 342, e.g. to be able to burn (waste) hydrogen flamelessly and emission-free, in a wide concentration range and to use the heat energy. Or you can purify helium from hydrogen or electrolysis gases. Other air-gas mixtures can also be burnt.

Our NEO324 catalyst has a diameter of 66 mm.


Typical applications of our catalysts:

  • Catalytic, flameless, thermal combustion of H2/air gas mixtures for
  • heat generation and/or waste gas purification on an industrial scale
  • Fine purification of gases by removing minimal impurities
  • Combustion of hydrocarbon gas mixtures (at elevated starting temperature)
  • Catalytic post-combustion of fuel cell waste gases or electrolysis gas
  • Removal of oxygen or hydrogen residues from electrolysis gas, e.g. purification of air or helium
  • Depletion of oxygen or hydrogen in chemical processes
  • Safety engineering, explosion prevention, fire prevention (through O2 depletion)
  • max. H2-flow: 3,5 m³/h
  • thermal power: 10 kW
  • gastemperature at 4 Vol.-% H2: 330°C


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Further technical details about the NEO324 can be found in the "Data sheet".

 NEO324 oxi-cat