H2 Oxi-cat NEO305 1kW3
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H2 Oxi-cat NEO305 1kW

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Do you produce waste hydrogen which you simply burn without using the heat energy? Or do you want to purify helium from hydrogen or clean electrolysis gases? 

With our system you can burn e.g. hydrogen or other air-gas mixtures flameless in a wide concentration range and use the resulting heat energy.

Typical applications of our catalysts:

  • Catalytic, flameless, thermal combustion of H2/air-gas mixtures 
  • Combustion of hydrocarbon-gas mixtures (at increased starting temperature)
  • Implementation of hydrogen waste
  • Catalytic afterburning of fuel cell exhaust gases or electrolysis gas
  • Purification of air or e.g. helium
  • Depletion of oxygen or hydrogen in chemical processes
  • Generation of heat energy / heating energy 
  • Safety technology, explosion prevention, fire prevention through O2 administration
  • max. H2-flow: 0,4 m³/h
  • thermal power: 1 kW
  • gastemperature at 4 Vol.-% H2: 330°C

 With a click on "Request" we can advise you without obligation and send you a tailor-made offer. Further technical details on the NEO305 in 1 inch tube can be found in the "Data sheet.

NEO 305 Oxi-cat