DS2963 NT-NO2-PL30 Nitrogen Dioxide 3
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DS2963 NT-NO2-PL30 Nitrogen Dioxide

NT-NO2-PL30 Nitrogen Dioxide 二氧化氮 datasheet Click here

Electrochemical Cells – a complete line of Electrochemical cell sensors for toxic and flammable gas detection from the world’s best manufacturers

N.E.T.  PREMIUM LINE is manufactured in Japan exclusively for N.E.T. and under our exact specifications, to comply with performance requirements of EN 45544-2 – including upper and lower limit of measurement, deviation of the measured values in clean air and in standard test gas, deviation of the measured values at all temperatures, pressures and at any humidity, time of response (t90, t50), time of recovery (t10, t50), over-range and stability.
The line includes sensors for Carbon Monoxide (CO)Nitric oxide (NO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen chloride (HCl), Chlorine (Cl2), Ethylene (C2H4), Formaldehyde (CH2O), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), Ammonia (NH3, available in 4 different ranges) and the new H2S-HT cell for high temperatures.

The NT-NO2-PL30 is a new electrochemical gas sensor with 3 electrodes for detection of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in a variety of gas detection applications. Exhibiting high per-formance with long-term stability, this com-pact sensor (20.4 mm diameter) is suitable for both portable and fixed gas detection instruments. The NT-NO2-PL30 is particu-larly suitable for use in fixed monitoring systems measuring NO2 levels in under-ground car parks, where long term reliabil-ity and low cost are essential requirements. The porous electrode technology enables accurate gas detection with high sensitivity. The mechanical design of the sensor gives optimum gas diffusion characteristics, and the hermetically sealed enclosure prevents.

Detection Ranges :
Range: 0-30 ppm
600 nA/ppm