DS3687 – IRNET-P-20 – CO2 Low range 3
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DS3687 – IRNET-P-20 – CO2 Low range 

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NDIR gas sensor for CO2, methane, propane and other hydrocarbons detection

IRNET-P 20mm is N.E.T. IR sensor for whoever is looking for strong and dependable detection performances both at low and high volume in a standard 4-series size. The low power version (45 mA) is perfect for a portable gas detector, while the standard version fits smaller detection heads and compact detectors.

IRNET-P 20mm detects CO2 or hydrocarbon gases such as propane and methane in LEL range. The 0-100%Vol range version features N.E.T. DYNAMIC technology for the highest sensing accuracy ever seen in a compact sensor. DYNAMIC sensors also provide an optional digital output for Propane detection over 0-2.1%Vol range – the best option to detect different hydrocarbons using a cross-reference factor. DYNAMIC sensors are suited for instrument manufacturers that want to design Methane and Propane detectors in compliance with the Chinese Mine standard.
All N.E.T. IR sensors run on a microprocessor-based platform for internal signal processing, providing a linearized and temperature compensated output in digital and analogue format – the ideal solution for instrument manufacturers, even without any specialist knowledge in IR technology.

Advantages of our IRNET-P 20mm NDIR sensors:
• SIL2 rated, for certified dependability (fail-safe detection)
• Individual calibration and testing, for measurements you can trust
• Extended temperature range (-40 to +60 °C), for use in any environment
• Internal microprocessor, for advanced signal processing
• Standard industrial size, to fit existing detectors
• Fast T90 response time, for critical and life-saving applications
• ModBus or P2P digital communication, for ease of integration
• Solid, rugged construction with stainless steel enclosure
• Signal versatility: voltage and optional bridge or pellistor output
• Patented, longer optical path for better resolution and stability
• Standard industrial accepted negative or positive pinout