SP 270 EC-BLp 12 Vdc3
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SP 270 EC-BLp 12 Vdc

Customisation :
We offer your customized precision pump without additional costs - even for small batches
Our modular concept allows easy adaptions ,Outstanding quality - Made in Germany ,
Excellent technical consultation  and service by experts , More than 40 years experience in pump applications ,Manifold mounting ,Fast delivery - order your sample now!

Application Examples  
Particularly suitable for portable 
devices such as:
  • Air sampling
  • Gas sniffer
  • Breath gas analysis
  • Gas monitoring
  • Personal gas detectors
  • Exhaust analyzers
  • Pneumatics
  • Pipetting devices Fuel cells

Product Features

  • Micro diaphragm pump for gases
  • Applicable as vacuum or pressure pump
  • FCV technology (fast closing valves)
  • Available in common supply voltages
  • From low-cost to durable brushless drives
  • Low weight and very small size
  • Applicable for noise- and vibration-sensitive environments (i.e.hospitals, personal protectionequipment, etc.)
  • Installation in any mounting
  • orientation allows simple device integration
  • Leak-tight, oil-free and mainte-nance-free