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O2 sensor evaluation kits

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Our CO2 sensor evaluation kits lets you quickly put our sensors to the test, helping you make informed decisions about your development. You get real-time readings, allowing you to evaluate compatibility with your product, and test proof-of-concept.

You can review sensor measurements on your PC, and also download readings to an Excel file for analysis. There’s no need to develop any code – just plug and play for instant demonstration.

Watch our video and discover how to get started with our Evaluation Kits in under 2 minutes!

Sensor evaluation kits are available for GSS standard CO2 sensors. This covers the 8 sensors within our CozIR®, ExplorIR® and SprintIR® range.

  • CozIR Evaluation Kit Product Flyer
  • SprintIR Evaluation Kit Product Flyer
  • ExplorIR Evaluation Kit Product Flyer
  • Evaluation Kit User Guide
  • Evaluation Kit Software Download
  • Allows quick and easy evaluation of the LuminOx sensor with minimum effort and / or design work
  • Interface mounted screw terminals for easy wiring
  • The interface simultaneously provides three outputs:  RS232 (serial interface voltage levels)  , RS485 (Modbus RTU) port allows multiple sensors to be addressed on a bus , 0—5V analogue output for basic measurements of oxygen only
  • Converts the LuminOx TTL level RS232 output into three standard industrial outputs

  • Auto detects ppO2 or O2% variants of LuminOx sensor