GSS SprintIR®-W3
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GSS SprintIR®-W

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GSS SprintIR®-W

The SprintIR®-W is designed for high response time and high-speed measurement capability. The SprintIR®-W takes 20 readings per second, making it ideal for equipment that needs real-time CO₂ gas analysis or monitoring.

Description : 

The SprintIR®-W is part of a range of CO₂ sensors designed to deliver unprecedented high-speed measurement capability. The SprintIR®-W will take up to 20 readings per second, making it ideal for applications that require individual measurements at high repetition rates or where the CO₂ concentration is changing rapidly.

The SprintIR®-W is fitted with a standard flow-through adaptor so the CO₂ gas can be passed over the optical sensor at high speed. Other customised adaptors are also possible depending on the installation requirements.

The SprintIR®-W uses patented NDIR solid-state LED optical technology enabling the sensor to respond to rapidly changing CO₂ without compromising parametric performance.

Specification :

  • 20 readings per second
  • Optional customised flow adaptors
  • Low-power CO₂ sensor
  • Solid-state LED optical technology
  • UART data interface
  • Built-in auto-calibration
  • Optional diffusion sampling
  • Optional Temperature and Relative Humidity sensing
  • Optional Analogue (Voltage) output

Applications : 

  • Healthcare
  • Food Packaging
  • Sport Science
  • CO2 Fire Suppression Deployment

CO2 Range : 

  • 0-5% 
  • 0-20%
  • 0-60%
  • 0-100%