GSS ExplorIR®-M 3
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GSS ExplorIR®-M

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GSS ExplorIR®-M(MinIR)

ExplorIR®-M is a miniature CO₂ sensor, capable of measuring up to 100% concentration. Its compact and robust design enables easy integration into gas monitoring and detection systems.

ExplorIR®-M is specifically designed for applications that require the sensor to operate reliably in extreme environmental conditions, especially where the pressure, temperature or vibration regime is particularly harsh. 

The ExplorIR®-M uses GSS patented solid-state optical technology, which enables the sensor to provide high accuracy CO₂ measurement capability over an extended lifetime.

Specification :
  • Measure up to 100% CO₂ concentration
  • Low power CO₂ sensor
  • Solid state LED optical technology
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • UART data interface
  • Built-in auto-calibration
Applications : 
  • Industrial Safety
  • Incubators
  • Transportation
  • Refrigeration 
  • Horticulture and Agriculture
  • 2 readings per second
  • Smallest CO₂ sensor footprint
  • Up to 100% CO₂ measurement range
  • 70ppm typical accuracy

Reliably measure wide-range CO₂ levels with this small footprint compact sensor. Suitable for harsh and rapidly changing environments and unstable conditions.

CO2 Range : 

  • 0-5%
  • 0-20%
  • 0-60%
  • 0-100%